Reliability - Precision - Flexibility

At Thermo Sensor, the inhouse calibration laboratory is operated according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. In addition, it is accredited by the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany (DAkkS). The offered services include not only the calibration of each kind of sensor but also its maintenance or reparation if needed.

Due to Thermo Sensor’s focus and commitment to excellence, the laboratory is equipped with most accurate and modern devices, for example numerous fixed-point cells like tin, zinc, aluminium, copper, gallium and H2O (water triple point), block calibrators, calibration tube furnaces, fluidized calibration baths and high accuracy thermometers.

The well-trained and experienced staff offers a qualified counselling and executes both DAkkS- and proprietary calibrations accurate, fast and according to the customers wishes.

Companies, who are in need of temperature sensors for SAT- or TUS-measurements according to the requirements of AMS 2750E or CQI-9 3rd. edition, will receive from us not only the sensors but also the correspondent certificates of the traceable calibration with the appropriate certificates of conformity.

Special highlights of our calibration laboratory

  • Full range calibration at temperature fixed-points from -38.8 °C up to 660.3 °C
  • Comparative calibration from -40 °C up to 1,600 °C
  • Internationally acknowledged DAkkS-calibration certificates
  • Highest level of accuracy with measurement uncertainties from 5 mK to 25 mK
  • Our calibration service disposes a state-of-the-art set of temperature fixed-points
  • Calibrations can be executed within 2 working days
  • Short sensors with a dipping depth from 300 mm can be calibrated
  • Professional aging methods improve stability of thermometers