Quality is important and measurable

Due to the fact that the precise measurement of temperature often is a critical aspect to the safety of a process, we at Thermo Sensor only use high-precision and best-quality thermocouple material.The combination of the state-of-the-art production methods and the skills of our staff guarantee high-quality products which meet even the most sophisticated requirements.

Since 1996, Thermo Sensor is certified according to the respectively valid quality management system (currently complying with ISO 9001:2015).

Quality is measurable; that is why every product before leaving our premises has been tested most carefully. All sensors are tested by means of the most modern methods and equipment, where especially the accuracy of the sensors produced is of utmost importance.

Apart from the quality of the materials used - the results will be the gurantee as evidenced by the calibration tests in the company owned, DAkkS-accredited laboratory.