Industrial Resistance Thermometers

Resistance thermometers for industrial applications are used for temperature ranges from -200 °C to 800 °C due to their heat resistance, depending on the material used. Commonly used materials are platinum, various ceramics or heat-resistant steels. They are versatile because they are extremely robust against external influences such as flue gases or aggressive liquids. Typical applications include resistance sensors in heat treatment, the automotive industry, steel and aluminium processing or in industrial furnace construction. With our industrial resistance thermometers you have a variety of possible combinations with regard to the connection heads, the installation and neck length or the connection to the protection tube. All our resistance sensors are also available on request in accordance with class A, 1/3 B or 1/10 B tolerances.

Typical Applications:
  • Heat treatment
  • Automotive Industry
  • Steel and aluminium processing
  • Industrial furnace construction
  • versatile
  • robust

Resistance Thermometers in stainless steel tube construction
Flexible Sheath Resistance Thermometer
Resistance Thermometer for screwing-in