Wire Thermocouple


Our flexible wire thermocouples are available in a variety of designs - depending on the application, we can provide you with a sensor that is tailored to the measuring task. Typical areas of application are surface temperature determination, the detection of component temperatures, the measurement by drag elements in industrial furnaces or the control in the heating, cooling and ventilation technology.

Often, a thermocouple connector is connected to the wire. In this version, the sensor can be easily connected to the evaluation unit or data logger. The probes are available in various lengths and diameters in many different designs, for example with adhesive pad, magnet, bayonet cap or as a pipe clamp probe.

Due to their low mass, wire thermocouples offer the advantage that they have a particularly fast response time. They are flexible and available in a variety of design options.


Typical applications:
  • Surface Measurements
  • Evaluation of component temperatures
  • Drag elements in industrial furnaces
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Technology
Advantages at a glance:
  • flexibly applicable
  • wide variety of designs
  • fast response times

Surface Mount Thermocouple
Flexible Wire Thermocouple
Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
Bayonet Thermocouple