Thermocouple Sensor System

for high-voltage applications

high-voltage sensor system

Thermo Sensor has developed a unique thermocouple sensor system which is designed specifically for applications in high-voltage areas. It consists of a mounting jack and the correspondent connector with a moulded thermocouple.

Due to the system purpose-built design, all components offer protection against high-voltage for up to 6 kV. Furhermore, all contacts and conductor materials are made of class 1 thermocouple material type K, which makes the system especially suitable for temperature measurement.

high-voltage sensor system

The correct polarity of the connection is assured by correspondent guidance bars in both plug and jack. A safety clip prevents accidental disconnection. Two insulated thermocouple wires are inserted in the jack, which can be connected to the electronic control unit.

The plug will be delivered with a moulded temperature probe. Generally, this would be a wire probe. Available are various diameters and insulations (e.g. Teflon or Kapton), depending on the stipulated withstand voltage.

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